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When social media is no longer enough, or has never been, I'm available as an empathic "other" to help you process difficult life transitions, cultural adjustments, relationship issues, or coping with depression, illness, acute grief, loss, and past trauma.

My perspective is that of Jungian depth-psychology. With decades of experience, it is my great passion to help establish a real and mutual relationship with the inner figures and landscapes of the living psyche. We are honoring the very symptoms that bring us into therapy as the psyche's expression on the path to wholeness. We cultivate soul-making in the therapeutic diad and by exploring dreams, engaging in sandplay and other means of creative expression (as appropriate); also, if so desired, by using the astrological chart as reference.

It is always a mutual joy to witness an ever growing awareness of the available inner- psychic guidance, fostering a sense of gratitude and wellbeing.







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