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My book, The Soul"s Ministrations: An Imaginal Journey through Crisis (Chiron, 2012) is a testimony of the healing power of the deep, archetypal psyche. 

At a time before social networks, support groups, outreach programs and apps, I turned inward, well-practiced with Jungian modalities such as active imagination and creative dreamwork. Through a meditative form of painting that allowed the archetypal psyche to emerge ("soul-making"), I found strength and solace to face crisis and trauma after my husband was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain stem that required immediate surgery, followed by a difficult recovery phase.

The book contains three sections:

The Narrative chronicles the day to day events, threading along the series of  the 17 paintings and poems thus created.  

The Commentary offers an amplification by exploring the archetypal and alchemical symbolism of the paintings, with an emphasis on the image of the goddess. {I recommend reading the section pertaining to each painting along with the narrative for a deepened experience.)

"Alchemical Painting" is a step by step description of the particular technique I used.

I hope that the Jungian community will appreciate the imagery and method of the artwork, and that individuals afflicted with similar hardship through illness may find a sense of companionship by reading my story.


The book has received critical acclaim. It can be ordered directly from the Asheville Jung Center via link (below); also from Amazon.

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